My association with Enigma has been a nine-year one spanning two countries Saudi Arabia and PNG.
During that time Enigma have always kept touch! thanks team I have had some great experiences working in ex pat roles.

Neil O'Bree Laga Industries Limited PNG
Neil O’BreeOperations Manager

For my first placement in an overseas position I felt the meetings, information and behind the scenes material that Scott provided were of great benefit. It allowed me and my family to have a clearer understanding of what would be required in the role as well as about the company and the environment that I would be joining. After 4 ½ years and being the longest placed expat in the role, I feel that Scott and his company are able to concisely and practicably place candidates with both the right ability as well as the adaptability required to take on expat roles.
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David Ogston, KK Kingston PNG
David OgstonCommercial Division Manager

I was impressed with the pre-interview preparation. Scott took the time to meet me prior to the interview and brief me on the employer’s company information, relevant project for the role and the duties of the role. This background information was important and gave me a lot of confidence in preparation for my interview. Scott always encouraged me to provide him with feedback from my interviews and he was always available to update me on the recruitment process. I found Scott to be very supportive and reliable during my interviewing and appointment process. While most recruitment agencies flick and tick resumes before sending them to an employer, I felt that Scott aimed to establish a rapport with me.
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Nik Trajkovski
Nik TrajkovskiContracts Lead

Changing companies is always a big decision and can be quite stressful. Scott handled all the tough questions and was able to mediate a smooth transition for me. As an expatriate this included housing and relocation logistics. I found Scott to be thorough and honest in his dealings with me. I am now happily working in my role with plenty of new challenges to keep me interested.

Andrew Nyberg
Andrew NybergNational Sales Manager